Artisan Collection #0001


Artisan Collection #0001

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When I decided to start the Artisan Collection, I knew I needed to start with Walnut. It is one of my favorite species of lumber to work with due to its beauty and sound. This size in particular really brings out the warm/round sound I personally enjoy.  This is a beautiful 6" X 13" Black Walnut Stave Snare drum with a gorgeous high gloss finish. This drum has black chrome die cast hoops that truly make it sing! This drum is a joy to play! It can be used effectively as a side snare drum or a main attraction. I personally enjoy it tuned to a mid-range tension on top and high on the bottom. There is a reason this drum is number 1. 

*Artisan Collection snare drums are "One-Off" Pieces. They are individually numbered and are not replicated in the series again. If the drum you see is not available, we would be more than happy to make you a custom order that is similar in design.